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Collection "Inside Pleasure "

This collection will introduce you to the comfort of a Luxor quality kitchen or bathroom.

10 good reasons to choose Luxor Collection for my kitchen and bathroom cabinets

1Because you deserve a beautiful, superior quality product.
2Because Luxor Collection is a world class company with an experienced staff and a 75,000 ft2 factory equipped with high tech machinery, ensuring consistent quality for cabinetry, manufacturing and finishing.
3Best value: For the highest quality standards on the market, at a competitive price.
4For full delivery on the planned date, within 4 to 6 weeks.
5For its personalized, fast and efficient customer service.
6For a wide range of choices in models and colors.
7For its innovative application of materials, trends, looks and the avant-garde techniques used. A fast response time. We make your vision a reality.
8For our experienced, passionate and devoted team.
9For our easy-to-use online ordering system.
10For our 5-year guarantee on all Luxor Collection products. The manufacturer's guarantee applies to accessories.